Monster Hunters United!

What's your favourite and least favourite monsters?

If we’re talking from the franchise in general, my least favorite monster would have to be Gypceros. My favorites are Qurupeco and Agnaktor.

What's your preferred weapon and favorite Monster to hunt?

From the latest released game, I really love using Gunlances and Hunting Horns when I’m not going with Switch-axes.

If Monster Hunter were a reality, and you had to live in that universe, what town would you live in and how would you live your life? (in other words: would you be a blademaster/gunner? Would you be a guildie? Would you be a blacksmith? Something else?)

Ooh, this is a tough question… But I suppose that I would live in one of the newer regions. I’d definitely be a Blademaster hunter and probably stick to using something like the Insect Glaive or Charge Axe.

A lot of people say the switch axe is an over powered weapon. Do you believe this is true?

Actually, no! If anything, with the right skills I think the Hunting Horn is.


Arzuros Armor from Monster Hunter

Photo set from me and Aurena’s Monster Hunter cosplays. We did this shoot during Animecon 2014, The Hague - The Netherlands.
These were our costumes that won us a trip to Paris for the ECG finals at Japan Expo. It was an amazing experience and I’m still very proud of my partner. Without her, we wouldn’t have been there <3

Be sure to check out my partner here:
Aurena (Arzuros): Aurena-chan

More pictures of my Arzuros armor and Aurena’s Arzuros cosplay here: Facebook

Enjoy this photo set~



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- Monster Hunter Anime expo 2014 -
By CosplayArtillary
I’m in the mood to answer some questions.


Cosplayers: LouieJinny Fan Art
Characters: Azure Rathalos
Game: Monster Hunter
Photography: Ernesto Javier Photography

 More Pics And Fan art Here!!!