Monster Hunters United!


Hey everyone! Let’s take some time to show you one of my interest and… talent!

They’re my first props ever and I’m very proud of what I’ve done. I learned a lot by crafting them and finding solutions by myself. If you want to know how I did them and have particular questions, I’ll happily reply to you and share my technique! I suppose the ask box would be appropriated for this.

I’m now addicted and I want to make EVERY WEAPON IN ALL THE GAMES! 

And sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. When I’ll have some pictures of my Ryuko Matoi cosplay, I think I’m going to post them here.


It’s still kinda cute…




hey girl


hey girl


Today, 9th of September, is Yian Kut-ku day! Can’t wait to fight him in mh4u


● Monterrey Meet-up created by the Monster Hunter Monterrey community!

♦ Check their Facebook & join the hunt, Mexico’s great hunt!

If you have a Monster Hunter community you can send me an ask to show it here!

** Permission was granted by the gamers to share this meet-up.


Woo! Finally finished them. It may have taken a lot of late night sessions but they are finally complete! The Game Grumps and Ninja Sex Party in Monster Hunter gear with their own monsters! As said in the previous statement each of the Grumps have their own monster to represent them I’ll explain why but caution some of them have very simple answers.

Ok Arin and Suzy have the Rathalos and Rathian because the monsters are known as the king and queen of the skies and Arin and Suzy are known as the king and queen of the Grumps.

Danny has the Kirin which is known to represent a unicorn and that is Danny’s favorite animal.

Barry has the Qurupeco for one simple reason he looks bad ASS in his Qurupeco armor.

Ross has the Great Jaggi because they are speedy and though they are kinda annoying sometimes, most of the time they are just plain awesome.

Ninja Brian has the Nargacuga (aka the ninja of Monster Hunter) because they are both deadly and….. well…. They’re ninjas…. Soooooo yeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhh.

Any way I’m busy finishing up cosplay designs, I have I’ll be posting tomorrow and I am busy drawing Mojo, Orph, Mochi, and Mimi in Felyne form and I am trying to figure out which monster would best represent Holly, Markiplier, and a few other people. If anyway has ideas for monsters for them please message me I would love to hear from all of you laterz!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, everyone!

Today’s my birthday!

Because I don’t know what to do to celebrate, I’ll be answering any questions that you guys might have for me (within reason, of course)!


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